Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass: A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia • M. A. Aldrich

Book review at bookish.asia
By John Grant Ross | February 28th, 2018

One of the world’s most distinctive cities, Ulaanbaatar finally has the book it deserves. Although Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar are bywords for remoteness, the city has for centuries been an important regional center, resulting in a fascinating mix of traditional and modern, local and foreign influences.

Aldrich, an American lawyer and writer who first visited Mongolia in 1993 and moved there in 2009, breaks the city’s story into two parts; the first 65 pages give background on the layout of the city, its history, architecture, and religion in Mongolia; the second part looks at the city area by area, with an emphasis on buildings of interest….

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M. A. Aldrich (left).